Francisco Diaz /hijo/ /Indian rosewood - spruce/

classical guitar

Classical guitar by Francisco Manuel Diaz /hijo/, Granada. Great volume with beautiful open and velvety sound are the characteristics of this top quality instrument. Very high quality Indian rosewood combined with a unique and eye-catching wide-grain German spruce which is definitely contributing in the creation of the great tone.
The great sound comes with an aesthetically pleasing design too: hand carved Granada style head, red & black bindings and minimalistic torres-like rosette. The neck is comfortable with perfectly set action.
Unique classical guitar that is so rare to find!

About the maker:
Francisco Manuel Diaz /hijo-son/ was born to be a luthier. He started making guitars at very young age in his father’s workshop, a few hundred yards from the Alhambra Palace of Granada, Spain.
His father Francisco Manuel Diaz is one of the most skilled luthiers of the history of Granada guitar making. In his early age he was an apprentice of Eduardo Ferrer and later in the 1960’s he learnt from Manuel de la Chica who were the first two master luthiers in Granada. Francisco Manuel Diaz /senior/ is also an accomplished player himself which helps him understand what a professional demands of the instrument. Highly skilled musicians such as Paco Jarana, Manolo Franco, Adam Del Monte play his guitars.
At present time Francisco /hijo/ and his older brother Victor are working in the family workshop together and producing very special flamenco and classical guitars. While Victor is more of an experimental guitar maker of his own concept, Francisco is taking the traditional route and building guitars identical in quality of his father’s instruments.

Indian rosewood back and sides, German spruce top, cedar neck, ebony fingerboard. Tuner: gold plated mechanical tuners. Finish: natural colour shellac french polish.

Scale length: 655mm, neck width at the nut: 52mm, E6 to E1 string distance at the nut: 43.5mm, E6 to E1 string distance at the saddle: 58mm.


Includes hard case.

£2,500.00 £1,500.00