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Luthier House is a musical instrument shop based in London that specializes in high quality handcrafted guitars and strings for sale worldwide. Luthier House provides the best online choice for superb guitars from well-known luthiers, offering fantastic instruments for both the student and the professional guitarist. You can pay a visit to us and try out the guitars of your preference or alternatively buy them from the website. Reasonable prices and satisfaction guaranteed!


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Paco Castillo 213f Spanish flamenco guitar Paco Castillo 213f

Paco Castillo 215f Spanish flamenco guitar Paco Castillo 215f


“My name is Zoltan Szilagyi, founder of Luthier House. I started playing guitar many years ago and over the years of practicing I realized that playing is not the only joy I could get from instruments. Studying about tonal woods and the history of guitar making, researching and meeting great luthiers are just as joyful to me. So my passion of playing turned into collecting – mainly flamenco ones – and I finally opened my first guitar shop called Exclusive Flamenco Guitars in 2009. Ever since then I’ve been testing hundreds of instruments every year and selecting the best ones for customers.

After years of experience, I decided to change my website presentation from Exclusive Flamenco Guitars for Luthier House and introducing more classical guitars. But the philosophy remains the same: getting the finest instruments for customers. Instrument of outstanding quality! There are thousands of luthiers in Spain and all across the globe but finding a really exceptional guitar is not always easy. I aim to find guitars with exceptional tune taking into consideration the comfort and general condition.

So it all started as hobby and it will always remain that way, a hobby driven by passion. I hope you will find your dream guitar here or if you just came by to page for information, I hope you are enjoying it. You are more than welcome!”

If you would like to make an appointment to test the guitars or if you have any question, please go to contact page!

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Spanish classical guitar by Jose Antonio

Outstanding classical guitar built by Jose Antonio Fuentes of Barcelona. The development of the bracing system is inspired by a classical guitar by Miguel Rodriguez. The guitar is not an exact replica, Jose modified the bracing slightly to achieve the perfect tune. The basses are very deep with a lots of depth and the trebles are clear with separation. All in perfect mixture! This is also a light in weight and very loud instrument. You may wonder while playing where this huge volume is coming from!? Traditionally constructed Spanish classical guitar that offers a real enjoyment for the player...read more!